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Packing for GeoDESLA

By Rosie Oakes – GeoDESLA Camp Director

The start of GeoDESLA 2019 is fast approaching! Some of the staff are heading out to Montana today to make sure everything is ready for kick off on Saturday.

I packed my bag using the packing list that was in the GeoDESLA Student Handbook. The packing list was written by staff members who have been out to these field sites before and so have a good idea of what you’ll need.

Packing my kit for the field
Hiking boots are essential in the field

When we’re in the field, we’ll be walking on rough ground. For this reason it’s essential that you have hiking boots with ankle support. I’ve had these hiking boots for nearly 10 years so they’ve been on a lot of hikes!

It’s really important to stay hydrated you’ll need to carry 2L of water with you at all times
Pack high SPF sunscreen

We are out in the field all day so you need to protect your skin using high SPF sunscreen. I’ve bought SPF 70! It’s also really important to keep hydrated – you’ll need to carry 2L of water with you at all times!

Although we’ll be out in the sun all day, it does get cold at night so remember to pack a hat, fleece, and a warm coat too

For all the GeoDESLA students reading, I look forward to meeting you all soon! For everyone else, get ready to follow along with a week of science, adventure and leadership!

GeoDESLA Field Guides

With less than 4 weeks to go until the start of GeoDESLA 2019, the staff are ramping up preparations for the trip.

Yesterday we printed the GeoDESLA Field Guides! We’ll be using these every day while we’re out in the field. They contain background information on general geology, the history of the region, how to identify rocks, and diagrams of dinosaur skeletons!

GeoDESLA preparations are in full swing – here are some of the field guides before they were bound and shipped out to YBRA for GeoDESLA camp in less than 4 weeks time!

We will send you an electronic copy of the field guide so you can read some background materials before you head to Billings on 3rd August. Look out for an e-mail from desla in your e-mails!

GeoDESLA Webinar

Hi everyone!

We had a great Webinar meeting last week with some of the GeoDESLA participants and parents. For any of you who want to re-watch the webinar or who weren’t able to make it, you can watch it here.

If you have any questions after you’ve watched the webinar, please get in touch with Rosie Oakes ( or Amanda Leslie (