GeoDESLA 2019 comes to a close

By Rosie Oakes

After a brilliant trip filled with rock licking, bison spotting, and fossil excavating, GeoDESLA 2019 has come to a close. Katy and I stayed in Billings today to make sure that all the students made it safely onto their flights home. While we’ve just experienced our first storm with golfball-sized hailstones, the GeoDELSA students and staff are on their way back to California, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, and everywhere in between. It has been a total joy to work with such a great group of students and we can’t wait to hear about all they go on to achieve.

I wrote a short poem to try and sum up the science, leadership, adventure, and laughter of the last week which I read to the students at the closing ceremony last night. Here it is for all to enjoy!

GeoDESLA 2019 out!

GeoDESLA 2019

We’ve come to the end of GeoDESLA 2019,
So it’s time for a recap about all that we’ve seen.
It all started last Saturday when we picked up the crew,
All on time with their luggage in tow, it felt too good to be true!
We played no ball volleyball to learn each other’s names,
Kelsey and Kaylee proved to be undefeatable, winning these games.
The first day was about the rock cycle, and rock ID,
And concluded with a visit to Mordor and the K/Pg.
Anna surprised herself, by hiking uphill fast in the heat,
And Kole’s detailed notes were not to be beat!
We studied hydrology by throwing rocks and marshmallows,
The first few of Peter’s rocks fell out in the shallows.
We went off to Yellowstone with Dr. Loyc V.,
There were tuffs to hike up, and bison to see.
Way scrambled up the scree slope like a mountain goat,
And Julia and Aila found shiny crystals in the float.
Then off to the mudpots, which smelt worse than stinky feet,
Loyc loved it, but Noor and Marie were forced to retreat!
We watched geysers erupt and hiked to Grand Prismatic,
The backdrop for Brigid’s sixteenth birthday was dramatic.
Then it was into the Bighorn Basin to find a dinosaur bone,
Will found it cooler than when he watched Jurassic Park on his phone!
Katy was excited when people found fossilized shell,
One Chris took photos, while the other thought shoveling dirt was swell!
We worked in the heat with Jason Schein and Jason Poole,
Hamilton, Justin, and Henry prospected a new fossil site, which was really cool.
Hanna lugged water up to the site,
While Ruby found plastering was a total delight!
Angie uncovered a long bone, and now dreams of being a paleo pro,
And Sophie discovered careful fossil extraction could move pretty slow.
Our final day was a team building hike to Glacier Lake,
Lauren set the pace, and Olivia distracted people from their feet ache.
Now our trip is ending with a set of student presentations,
Pizza, chat, and general celebrations.
You’re a such talented group of future pilots and biologists,
Environmental lawyers, engineers, and hopefully geologists.
So GeoDESLA 2019, I guess that’s a wrap,
Give yourselves a cheer and a really big clap!

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