Hike Day!

By Aila, Brigid, and Justin

Today started with breakfast at 7:30. After breakfast we feared as there was a storm on the way. However, we did not let that stop our 5 mile hike with 1000 meters elevation. The staff informed us that this would be a student led trip so we had to take charge of how we should organize the trip. Before getting into the cars we split up all the snacks between us. At first we only took granola bars and apples, but after thinking we realized that some chips and candy would give us energy and boost moral. Then we split up the 8 gallons of water that we had to carry up so we stayed hydrated. The more experienced hikers took two gallons each and the remaining water was split up among the rest. After we filled up our water bottles, we piled into the cars. The base of the hike was about 40 minutes away from camp. When we arrived, we got topographic maps of the hike, which we had learnt to read during one of the classroom lectures, and a compass. We planned our order and set off for the adventure awaiting.

Evidence of fire on the hike

After breakfast, we all hopped into SUVs and were driven to the pathway up to Glacier Lake. Before we have left camp, we selected people to carry GPSs, waters, foods, first aids, and other supplies. We readied ourselves for a 5 mile up and down hill hike and went off. At first, it took us a while to set the pace that everyone in the group was comfortable with. Taking frequent water breaks we were making sure that everyone was staying hydrated for the journey ahead of them. Once the lake has caught our eyes, out excitement raised in an instant and everyone picked up the pace to make it to the lake. We skipped stones, ate our lunches, drank water, and had an all around good time. The clouds seemed to darken in a matter of minutes and we knew we had to leave before the rain hit us. Still having the necessities, rain resistant jackets was one that everyone had. Multiple times along the way down, we pulled over to let oncoming hikers and their friendly dogs by us. We also stopped for more water breaks, lectures from he staff, and just to take in the gorgeous view. Finally we made it down the mountain safely and enjoyed the great experience full of friends, foods, sights to see, and a great time over all.

There were wildflowers scattered along the trail
Lunch with a view

After the drive back from the trail, our group was warned about a grizzly bear sighting that occurred this morning, at the camp. It was a mother and cub near the lodge. We were nervous, but our counselors made sure we traveled in large groups around camp, and we didn’t see any animals. We all loaded up into the vans around 5:40, and drove into the town of Red Lodge. We were able to walk around the quaint downtown before dinner at 6:30. Our group wandered into a clothing store with shoes that had cow print fur on them! Afterwards, we walked to the Red Lodge Pizza Co. and we all got stuffed with pizza and breadsticks. After dinner, we received our DESLA certificates, and Rosie read us her awesome poem about our time on the trip. After that, we left the Red Lodge Pizza Co. and headed back to camp.

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