Yellowstone Day 2 – Loyc in his natural habitat

By Noor and Peter

We arose out of our sweet little motel rooms with the morning sun peeking through the windows. We then headed to the classic western breakfast joint. Which was decked out with bison paraphernalia. 

    After this sweet breakfast we headed to Yellowstone. Following an hour of driving we arrived  at old faithful. We sat at the visitors center and waited for Loycs friend, a National Park ranger who calculates geyser activity. Soon it was time to go watch old faithful erupt. We waited for about ten minutes until it erupted. The eruption lasted just three minutes but it was an eye opening experience.

 After the eruption we headed to the castle geyser. The park ranger gave us an infrared camera, which we were able to use to measure the temperature of the geysers. The castle geyser was between 42-56 degrees Celsius. The park ranger left and Loyc took us on through a geyser trail. We saw so many geysers, some small, some big, some cone geysers, some that erupted often, and some that hasn’t erupted since 2017. We headed back to the visitor center to have lunch. We had subway sandwiches, chips and oranges and a delicious chocolate chip muffin.

Views over Grand Prismatic

After lunch, a quick drive to a scenic overlook ensued. The quick fifteen minute hike revealed a massive inactive geyser. The thing was a beauty of nature, spanning about 75 yards with a distinct crystal blue color branching out to a light green, then yellow, and finally a bordering orange. After tons of photos, we left and drove a solid hour and a half to, from Loyc’s opinion, the best boysenberry ice cream in all of Montana. We shopped till we dropped, buying tons of shirts and stickers all reading “Yellowstone”. Another hour of the open road ensued, this time landing us in Cooke City. We all grabbed a quick bite, and hit the road, driving back through the glacial torn Beartooth Mountains. We finally arrived at YBRA at around 9:30 PM, ending the day of adventure.

Loyc was happy to be back in his natural habitat, Yellowstone!

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