Lights out on Day 1

By Marie Kurz – GeoDESLA Instructor

Our advanced guard of 3 has now grown to 26: 19 students and 7 staff in a little fleet of 4 Ford Expeditions. In an auspicious start to the week, and a vast improvement on last year, everyone arrived on time with all their bags in tow. We drove up to YBRA with enough time to find our cabins and drop off bags before heading to the Lodge for dinner. Tonight was busy, but it will only get more so – YBRA will be almost at capacity with 72 come Monday. After dinner we gathered in our classroom for staff introductions, an overview of safety, daily logistics and camp rules, and to hand out some useful swag. Then, with a beautiful sunset in the background and the lights of Red Lodge coming on down below, we set out to learn everyone’s names during games of no-ball volleyball and human chess. Now everyone is tucked in, the staff have sorted all our gear for tomorrow and it’s time to say good night to GeoDESLA 2019 Day 1.

P.S. In addition to the blog, you can follow our adventures on Instagram, @GeoDESLA.

The whole crew (minus photographer Chris V.) with the ephemeral Grizzly Peak “volcano” in the background.

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