We’ve Arrived!

By Katy Estes-Smargiassi – GeoDESLA Assistant Camp Director

We’ve Arrived!

Rosie, Katy, and Marie arrived in Billings late on Thursday night and made their way to Red Lodge on Friday to begin scouting out some of last year’s sites and see what’s changed in a year. Our very first stop was the all-important Walmart trip to pick up the last few supplies and snacks. After Rosie kept the rest of us from getting too distracted, we grabbed a pack lunch and headed out to Rock Creek, where Marie will be teaching her fluvial geomorphology lesson. We were glad we stopped- the creek water was much higher than in summer 2018! We made a few changes to how we’d arrange Monday’s lesson and then hopped back into the truck to do some more scouting.


Our next stop was to scout our trail for the final day hike we did last year. The views were stunning! Rosie was our diligent note-taker for the hike, ensuring that we know every detail of the trail.

After a quick stop in town we finally arrived at YBRA. For Rosie and Marie, it was wonderful to be back at camp and to see many old friends. For Katy, it was exciting to be there for the first time and to experience the beautiful views. After a long day, it was nice just to grab a shower and have dinner with friends in the lodge before doing some final planning before bed.

We can’t wait to meet all of the students this afternoon! See you soon!

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